Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's a Citycat Speed Sketchcrawl in Brisbane - y'all

I am not sure why I am trying to "talk" with a Southern accent, with y'all, but for some strange reason it seemed appropriate.

After catching up with the girlfriends for breakfast ... I decided to just park the car in Kangaroo Point and do a sketch of the Storey Bridge. I don't know why but instead of sketching the Bridge, I decided to catch the City Hopper (a small ferry) for the first time. 

I thought about getting off at each stop and sketch the view from the terminal but I decided that I'll just catch the scenery along the way. So I started the speed sketch crawl! I recorded the time at end of each sketch so some of the sketches took 3-5 mins. I got better at picking the easier view ie don't pick a view when you are going around a bend. 

I changed from the City Hopper to the City Cat (the bigger and faster catamaran) and decided to catch it to the University of Queensland and sketch along the way. 

I did, however, revert back to my watercolours when I had the time. Both of the sketches took about 15 mins each - one is of the the column at the University of Queensland (at the end of the post) and the other is the Customs House (at the top of the post) sketched from the Eagle St Pier ferry terminal. 

I am glad I decided to Speed Sketch Crawl as it helped me to practice my drawing skills. It was quite frantic to get the lines down but strangely relaxing at the same time.  

Catch y'all!

PS I just realised Tim Mooney did a similar series to sketch non-stop ... a week ago. Excellent! 
Citycat crawl 01
Citycat crawl 04
Citycat Crawl 03

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  1. wow! Asuka - these are brilliant! Yes, going fast is so much fun. They become more gestural and I think can capture the moment more. Love your watercolours!