Monday, June 17, 2013

Before Baz's The Great Gatsby at the Barracks, Brisbane

Hi UrbanSketchers

I was waiting for my friend L to arrive at the Barracks cinemas to watch Baz's The Great Gatsby. The Barracks used to be an abandoned shell for a long time before being converted to shops, restaurants and offices. I think it was an army barracks before - hence the name.

The cafes and restaurants are on the pricey range but ok as a more special place for a catch-up? 

The view sketched above is of the Chill Backpackers (the bright turquoise building), from the upstairs lounge area of Barracks cinemas. It was drizzling with rain so the colours are a little muted even though it was around 3 pm. 

The street across from the Barracks is home to not just to one but a few backpackers as it's a very short walk to Roma Street Station - the station where both the local and state trains depart from. 

Anyway - on the movie. I loved it. Maybe because I understood it more now than when I first read it at high school. I think I should re-read the book.  

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  1. Comme il fait bon revenir ici, découvrir tes carnets de voyage et ces aquarelles si légère, si poétique qu'elles sont une invitation au rêve. Comme j'aimerai te rencontrer pour travailler avec toi.
    Je te souhaite une belle journée.