Saturday, June 29, 2013

Brisbane City Hall

Hi Urbansketchers

This is a test to see if I can post and grab all of my links from my ipad once I have a jpg on my camera roll ... 

The photo could be cropped and rotated on the camera app and the free blogger app made it easy to add the photo from the camera roll.

The sketch below was done on the last sketch crawl (April 13), but I missed everyone by the time I got there. I had forgotten about this sketch as it's in my larger lesser used A3, cold press (smooth) sketchbook.

It was raining so I sketched underneath an cafe umbrella. I remember the paint taking a long time to dry.

For my other sketches, please check out my flickr page here.



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  2. I like your painting style, Beautiful painting...

  3. V.K. Sinha - I am glad the info was useful.
    Satpal - thanks!!
    Thanks to you both for the encouragement.