Saturday, June 15, 2013

Story Bridge, Brisbane

Hi UrbanSketchers!

This is a sketch from a few weeks ago. 

I found an old sketchbook (5 years old) with some spare pages left. It is larger (15x25cm/6"x10") than my normal sketchpad and has heavier pages (300 gsm/140 lbs) in it so I decided to put some masking tape down. I thought the pages could handle it without tearing and I really like seeing the clean edges when I remove the masking tape.  

It was quite efficient working across the two pages as you can work on one whilst the other is drying. This paper "ate" the water really quickly unlike my ArtSpectrum Fine Tooth paper (210 gsm) that allows the water to sit on the paper a little longer. The edges are a little softer on this paper.    

UntitledThe big storm cloud (left) blew across as I was finishing up the sketch. The rain splattered some of the wet areas on the left page and the crane on the right. I really like it. I wish that river's edge on the right-hand side was still damp as I would have liked the paint edge to be a bit a little less harsh. 

On an adjacent picnic table, three guys were doing a photo shoot. Nothing fancy - a guy dressed up like Einstein or KFC's Colonel Sanders, a guy taking a video from his camera (?) and another guy hovering around. Their voices notched up a little higher and I looked back over to them. They were worried about the Einstein-like costume as the storm cloud was engulfing us. The guy that was dressed-up slipped his head off, and they all sprinted off into a white van ... 

I wasn't too far behind. The storm clouds in Brisbane are torrential. 

It's winter down here in Brisbane but the temperature today is still hovering around 15C during the day. Beautiful weather.  


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