Monday, December 16, 2013

Brisbane QAGOMA Exhibition - Cai


I am experimenting with adding text and tickets collected after seeing Stefano Faravelli's gorgeous sketchbooks. My additions are a bit clinical (a bit too square and possibly not enough overlapping parts) but I am hoping with more practice, the bits and pieces will look like part of the sketchbook! 

The sketches were completed at the QAGOMA exhibition by Cai Guo Qiang. I drew and did the shading on site and added the wash later.  

You get a bit on an insight into Cai's nature as well as the QAGOMA trustees/execs, with his first installation for the gallery burning to the ground in a warehouse, his second installation of boats sinking to the bottom of the river and yet, he returns for his third attempt. 

Falling Back to Earth is his third installation. Read more about the installation by SMH here and QAGOMA site here. The QAGOMA has created a young boy cartoon called "Cai" with lots of interactive activities for kids.   

Again - I love how sketching invites people to come up and chat! 


QAGOMA - Cai - Room 1c
QAGOMA - Cai - Room 3


  1. These are wonderful Asuka. I am travelling away from Australia so I know I have something great to visit on my return in the new year. Love what you are doing with the text and collage elements.

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  3. Carol! The lady that recommended the stilman & birn sketchbook at the brissie sketchcrawl. The exhibition is on until may so there is plenty of time. Enjoy your time away and hope to have a sketch catch up with you soon!

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  5. I went here too, it is an amazing exhibit. It was sooo peaceful sitting n there sketching.. Great sketches Assuka..