Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Salt Lake City, UT and King George Square, Brisbane

Work has been pretty busy so the sketching and updating Flickr had taken a bit of a back seat. 
This is a double post of sketches from a work trip to Salt Lake City and a Sketchcrawl both from June!

I have been influenced by Alissa and have been pretty loyal to the Moleskine Large Watercolour notepad. The colours that I am really enjoying at the moment and the way it sits on the paper are: Daniel Smith Fr Ultra, Cobalt Teal Blue and Moonglow and Holbein Lavendar. I have also been eyeing off the six (6) Winsor & Newton limited edition set of watercolours that would make a good set for a limited colour palette (compared to my 21 colours). I could also use the paint that I already own too but the brightness of these colours look amazing!

Back to the US … I didn't get much free time, even on the weekends, but I got a few 30 mins sketches done after breakfast and during lunch time.    

The intersections are six to eight lanes wide so you have to sprint to get across in time. I don't know why they have pedestrian crossings as I don't think I saw another person using it. The intersection below was a block from the hotel. 

I had a US$3 breakfast from Starbucks. I looked at the small adobe like Starbucks in the middle of a huge car park and wondered who would use it but there was a stream of cars going through the drive through as I admired the SLC mountains. I then walked passed a drive-through of ATMs. 

Camera Roll-205 

How to kill a 2 hr delay in SLC sketch (l), Brisbane City Hall (r) 
Camera Roll-208

Kangaroo statues, a man reading a newspaper and a tree and an ibis
Camera Roll-209

Detail of the Brisbane City Hall. 
Camera Roll-210


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