Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dreamworld Qld Australia

A quick sketch of a couple of buildings in the mock up town of Gold Rush.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spotlight "Violet" in Sketchcraw#36

Hi, Friends, this post is on the story of my model, a shy lady in the 36th International Urban Sketchcrawl in Sydney. 

Queen Vitoria Building was chosen, opposites to Town Hall. It started from 10 AM. 
I, "architecture allergy girl" looked for a figure to draw. I met a lady at a lunch time. She seldom spoke in a group. I felt her like a violet, shyly looking down with a humble smile. I really love shy people or those who will not come up on a central stage. "May I sketch you?" I asked. My asking a bit surprised the lady.  Other members told her, "Sadami makes a beautiful work! We want to be models!" (Thanks, members, great backup! Cheers for our mateship!)
I just sat besides the lady and shared a wonderful silence. She sometimes smiled and kept on drawing seriously. It gave me her image. When she looked at my finished sketch, she said, "Oh, you  flattering!," but happily she took a photo of my sketch.

Outside the QVB, I challenged sketching a statue with Town Hall. Thank goodness, Queen! Without her, I might have messed up the work. (*Often my tiny "handmade" paint kit amazes others. Daarrrling, size is not a matter! All we need is LOVE! xx!!)
Group work is fun. We, members were sketching each other. Could be a classic joke! (actually, this  quick sketch was a warm up for my right hand. I usually do some warm up before "get on.") This gentleman was a very productive caricaturist. He made the quick cartoons of most of attendances. Amazing!

Later, we, members uploaded photos and sketches at our MeetUp site. The members gave me really nice feedback, particularly on the quick protrait. It's the lady's beauty. I'm dead honest with what I feel. Very happy to know my work made others happy, too. 

In work, I hope myself to spotlight violets standing against the wall as well as orchids, roses, party flowers. 
I hope my painting brings something heartwarming and shares joy with others. 
If you are interested in my work, come over, Sadami's Graffiti. 

Friends, Happy Painting!!

Int Sketchcrawl-SOLO attempt

A long way away from Sydney last Sunday so I did my own sketch crawl around a friends property ... At the front of the property entrance actually. The car on the left is 'retired' and the others are late models ... owned by guests to the engagement party in the 'bush'. Basically I felt guilty and needed to be with 'the sketching force' thus generated and felt by International Sketch Crawl days.
'Boco' near the snow country. Click to enlarge

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is the Borromini Bear also tired?

Reading all the correspondence coming in from the Symposium I now wish I was there ... but my son wouldn't change his wedding. Arriving over there tied and being hot sounds like a recipe for lots and lots of water!
Maybe the bear could do with some shade:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A bit of colour in Sydney

Yesterday at our Sydney Sketchclub Meetup at the Australian National Maritime Museum we had such beautiful weather it was too nice a day to spend in a darkly lit museum drawing things in glass cabinets so I decided to sit outside and draw on the wharf.

Then afterwards I headed over to the Chinese Garden of Friendship. I needed some photo reference of the architecture and motifs for a project I’m working on, but I managed to do a few ink drawings while I was there too.