Sunday, January 31, 2016


What a great start to the year!  We have had a lot of new members join the group  and come out with us this month.  Fabulous. 

We have TWICE Weekly meetups, and this month we had a total of 9 sketchouts!!  Awesome.  We have sketched all over the city. Our city is very diverse and there is always something for everyone in our sketchouts.  



Below are the places we have been this month..
South Bank
Queen Street mall
Park Road
Fortitude valley
South Brisbane cemetery
Roma Street Parklands.
City Botanic Gardens
Collectors Café at the Qld Museum and Sciencentre on a very rainy day


You can find us on facebook
We also have an email list. Just email me if you would like to be added.

We have a load of exciting things planned for this year, and we welcome suggestions too.  



Friday, January 29, 2016

A step back in time on the road to Canberrra

I recently stopped off at one of my favourite places, Marulan, a little village off the main highway between Sydney and Canberra. It has some interesting history, including bushrangers holding up traffic travelling north to Sydney from the Southern goldfields. Each time I stop there I take the chance to draw some of the historic buildings on its main street, adding to my Marulan set in an 8 x 5” Moleskine.

I can never resist a tin shed something about the rust? Certainly they have character! And I love the old Billy Tea signage on it.

The buildings that make up Baldock's general store are classic Australian style with the galvanised shed alongside the shop and residence. It was built in the 1870s with a well at the back that was one of only three that were Marulan’s main water supply in those days.

The Marulan Butchery, built in 1878, has been a butcher’s shop ever since! At one time it was Feltham’s Butchery and apparently Granny Feltham was still a good butcher at age 93!
 The Victorian Stone Shop beside it was a grocery store, with a blacksmith’s at the back. The front gable has a window used when heavy stores were winched to the loft from the horse drawn wagon below. I read that at one time there was even a skating rink at the rear of the shop!

There are still more buildings for me to draw next time I pass through a good excuse to go on a road trip again!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reviewing my composition - Dreamworld, Sydney and QAGOMA

I really like the square format of the Travelogue sketchbook just because of the versatility in the composition. I am currently working on assessing composition in my sketches and training my eye to see what works and what doesn't in the hope of turning some of them into paintings. Please note, I am not there yet so any advice and comments would be appreciated! 

These are some of the sketches completed over the Xmas break. 


Dreamworld by the Midnight Oil incorporates The Breakfast Creek Hotel along with Cloudland in the lyrics. I liked this viewpoint of the hotel as it contains the XXXX’s (Brisbane’s local beer’s) sign as well as some graffiti that you wouldn’t see from sitting at the hotel. Cloudland was a community dance hall that was knocked down in the middle of the night without all the permits to make way for residential buildings with prime city views. The sun came out occasionally that highlighted all of the ornamental decorations on the building.

For a painting, I would darken the bottom left hand corner and have some additional birds swirling around the top left to lead the eye of the viewer back into the painting. 

The Breakfast Creek Hotel, Brisbane


The sketch below was done in the Rocks, Sydney before the catch-up with the Sydney Urban Sketchers. It started to rain, and the wind picked up so I was sitting on the footpath underneath an umbrella for a short time. I noticed the sneakers standing next to me with the morning joggers stopping by.  I really liked this view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the different colours where the light hit one side of the street. I was trying to make sure the background was kept light to suggest the rain.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Rocks, Sydney


I don’t think I would have liked this sketch that much without the building on the right that suggests a point in time. Next time I think I would have made the foreground a warm but a much darker green and muted the colour in the background.

Brisbane CBD

I like this skeleton in the Queensland Museum and it’s the first time I sketched the surrounding suspended skeletons and the people to show the scale. It was by accident but I like how some of the people in the middle are much lighter compared to the others which make them look like they are under a spot light. 

Queensland Museum, Brisbane

Have fun sketching everyone.