Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sydney city Alissa Duke

Today I met up with fellow sketchers (Lisa , Kaz  Meegan) at Westfield shopping centre in Sydney CBD up on the Level Five foodcourt in a quiet corner and stayed there ALL DAY ! . We all got lots done in our Sketchbooks Projects . I have almost finished mine, so once I completed the cover, I sketched  my food and also the views up Castlereagh Street and then up Market Street to Hyde Park. .  

We were very fortunate to have lots of light, sitting out of the main foodcourt and had spectacular views .  I experimented with watercolour pencil only scene and then ink only scene.

I am really pleased with the layout of the page . This is one of the "lessons" I learnt from the Sketchbook Project : to draw details close up (because I am better at them ) and provide context in the background ( because I am not as good with them) .