Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Learn Swimming in Australian Summer

Hi, Friends, how have you been?  I enjoyed swimming at Narrabeen in a storm! I sketched a wild sea from a car. This post is a "private swimming lesson" for you. Friends, show off your beautiful swimming to your friends and family next/this summer?!
First, be a jelly fish. Don't get panic. Lungs are natural air bags and tubes. We'll float. Tips are "keep your back straight like lying on a ground" and "relax yourself. Let hands and legs down in water." In salt water, it's much easier to float than an inside pool. While floating, look up birds and clouds in a beautiful blue sky.

OK, a next step is to move hands or legs while floating. That's all what needed for swimming. See? You can swim! Then, choose a favorite style from below.

1) Back strokes = Sunny Side Up Free Style
Easy! After floating, move hands like a wind mill and kick water. No need to worry about breath taking.
In my understanding, "reversed back strokes = free style."

2) Dog Paddle
Stay still in water. Stand there and trust in your lungs. Slowly, float with a head up. Don't get panic. Remember, you'll never sink. In my experience, water might come up to the nose, but it never went up to the head or top. If you're not confident, look at a dog and any animal. It does swim naturally and very well. 

After floating, move hands and legs vertical! That's all! 
A bit like a "dog's life," as that style lacks elegance, in my opinion(excuse me, doggies. I love you all!). Well, after mastering dog paddle swimming, do you feel like challenging sophisticated skills? Try breast strokes.

3) Frog Style = Breast Strokes
Move hands & legs horizontal" is the key like a frog, not vertical like a dog. Closely look at frogs. They are the masters!

4) Free Style = Reversed Back Strokes
Free style took me more time to master than any other styles. Breathing is tricky.
I often failed it at the beginning of learning. Then, I tried to look up or look back a blue sky and took a breath quickly. Wow, I made it! Got the feeling?
I ob
served each person's swimming. Individual has a different pattern to take a breath. Find a favorite side to turn up a face and make your own rhythm and tempo. Count number is a good idea. And repeat it.
Now, a free style is yours.

Another problem of a free style was "Swim straight" in a rock bath. Many people have the same issue. We need traffic lights. Swimmers tend to choose the first or the last lanes and avoid middle lanes despite a plenty of space. Unfortunately, a rock bath does not have lines at the bottom.
Tadadada~~~!! I found the solution. My solution is "check a pool's  side wall and remember a distance while swimming." Now, you can swim elegantly and confidently in the middle lane, a lot of space. Please show off your sophisticated free style?!
For a long distance swimming,  swim gently and enjoy it! If you have any good suggestions to learn swimming, please let me know. 

Swimming is a wonderful stress buster between work, although we're getting into autumn. 
Have a wonderful day and 
Happy Painting!!