Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sydney Uni

I haven't been able to attend many USK meetups since its beginnings, but as this one was in my area I knew it was possible to make it, even for a an hour or two.

I decided to get there earlier as well to make up for my early departure and Sydney Uni is one of my favourite sketching grounds. I'm not a architectural aficionado, but they are wonderful buildings that are also uncluttered by looming skyscrapers, billboards, buses, signs etc. and its quite peaceful on weekends.
To stop myself from being overwhelmed by the ornateness of these buildings, I spent more time looking at my chosen scene before I started – working out the best approach to take for what I wanted to achieve. Lately, foremost in my mind has been to create more space and depth of perspective in my drawings.

The drawing above I diluted my ink with water for the background building and tried very hard not to put in too much detail, then I used the ink straight out of the bottle in the foreground. When I finished it, they weren't working well together, so I added some of the concentrated ink to the background in the windows which seemed to anchor the two spaces better.
I moved on, and found the sun streaming into this archway really pleasing. Initially it was to be a watercolour wash gone over with a dip pen and ink for linework. But my choice of a smaller brush gave me the ability to add line with watercolours. However, it was hard not to overwork it.
Looking out onto the rooftop - it was sooo long and detailed, I decided to find a section that had some "quiet" areas only to help balance out the more detailed areas.

In my last half hour I zoomed in on some grotesques. I've always noticed the more drawings I do in one sitting, the looser my style gets. So by this stage I was quite warmed up, and just sketched with my instincts and had a bit of fun with it.

Anyway, hope to attend more meetings in the future!