Monday, September 23, 2013

Luna Park Sydney

Front Entrance - Ethna Gallacher
Luna Park Sydney is an amusement park situated near the North end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The park was originally constructed in the 1930s and although it has undergone various rebuilds it still holds an old day charm. Keen to play with colour last week, Ethna Gallacher, Suzi Poland and I (Chantal Vincent) found this a fun place to explore and discover unusual structures and a lively vibe.
Luna Park's prime location - looking back from the front gate
 It felt a little strange to turn our backs on two of Sydney's famous icons whilst sitting to sketch the garish face.
Ice Cream and the Big Dipper - Suzi Poland
Once we'd sketched the main entrance we each ventured inside and were happy to find further bright colours and fun designs. 
Coney Island - Chantal Vincent
 Mostly unchanged in concept, games and décor style since being built in 1935, Luna Park's Coney Island is the only operating funhouse of it's era left in the world.
Having only just scratched the surface of what can be sketched here we are all looking forward to returning on another day soon.


  1. Great post and great sketches all. Welcome to the blog Chantal.
    Will post all about Melbourne luan park when I get home

    1. Thanks Liz! Very pleased to be here :)

  2. Great post Chantal, thanks for inviting me to join you on the day and for including me here in this post. Lovely to see you writing for this Blog, great to be part of it.

    1. Thanks for joining in the fun and partaking in this post Suzi. I hope we get more days out like this.