Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Drawing Sydney in my lunchhour

Drawing Sydney in my lunchhour
I have been working  at an office near Macquarie Street, Sydney for the past three weeks. I took the opportunity to go out in my lunchhour and sketch some of the historic sandstone buildings.  Macquarie Street is one of Sydney's oldest government districts with a number of heritage buildings built during the city's early colonial years.
The weather has been the warmist May in many years, so it has been lovely to sit in the sunshine and sketch with my watercolour pencils.It is little capture of the buildings. I made a conscious decision to draw the buildings and not include the busy street life and am pleased with the result.
 I usually spent about half an hour on each sketch .
I sketch with watercolour pencils in a Moleskine watercolour sketchbook
Sydney Eye Hospital and Sydney Hospital
Sydney Eye Hospital and Sydney Hospital

St James

Hyde Park Barracks


St Stephens Uniting Church
State Library of NSW

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  1. Nice sketches and a great theme Alissa! I like how you schedule your sketch time in. I tend to walk around at lunch time so I might have to schedule in some time in the mornings to sketch! Are the sketches done on your Large Watercolour Moleskine? If so, you have captured a lot on the small page … I'd struggle and would need a larger page.