Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Presentation by Paul Wang and Liz Steel, and Sketchcrawl in North Melbourne

What a treat to have Paul Wang and Liz Steel present to the Melbourne Urban Sketchers last Saturday (11/4). It was very informative for us - via slideshow and video, we saw some urban sketching events in other cities, Paul’s work over the years as well as a glimpse of his approach. We also heard about the upcoming symposium from Liz that got many of us excited.
The morning presentation was followed by sketching around Errol Street in North Melbourne.
This is the sketch I completed during the session, just outside the Town Hall and looking towards a row of shops.
Paul Wang facilitated the show and tell after sketching.
There was more sketching afterwards at the Auction Room cafe over drinks and food, and later at Joe Taylor Bar over drinks. It was a fun day that started at 10am and for some of us ended after dinner.