Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The end of the Rio milk bar, Summer Hill, Sydney

RIP George Poulos, Summer Hill
I heard yesterday that George, owner of The Rio milkbar, died last week. He was an icon in Summer Hill. He had worked in his shop for 63 years, and always wore a shirt and tie. I drew his shop for the last time recently, to capture the Christmas swag hanging above the front door. In the olden days the shop was open until 11pm to capture the theatre crowd coming out, and George was famous for his milkshakes. Apparently, people like Johnny O'Keefe used to visit the shop. Despite ill health and even at the age of 92 George  still opened his shop until late. I will miss looking at this little bit of history when I drive through Summer Hill. Someone will come along and buy it,  paint it and spruce it up,
and it will lose all its character!!