Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas : QVB and Nativity @ St Mary Cathedral!

Thank you for visiting our posts this year. In Nov, I had a fall at steps in a hurry, when I delivered art work to a second solo exhibition, "People of Parramatta." I got two fractures in a left shoulder and a left wrist which required a surgery. I finally came back to an Urban Sketcher meeting this Dec and am on the mend. A few weeks ago, I bumped a sketcher at Queen Victoria Building in City. Fortunately, the street was closed for construction! No trafic! Another member's great idea, "Sadami, let's draw it now." We could not miss very the best opportunity to sketch the QVB from the front. 
It was wonderful to do it with the friend to lift myself up. The fractured shoulder was very painful though, we really enjoyed it. In all, I spent two days to finish it up. A complicated decoration fascinated me so much. Yet, it has harmony and rhythm like music that charms a sketcher. Many people talked to us. It was a great fun. The friend and I said, "We will sketch together more!" 
I also recently went to St Mary cathedral square to sketch a famous "life size nativity." It was so lovely to sketch the nativity for the first time that I had longerd for sketching in my life. That famous scene that Jesus was born had many symbolic animals, in my eyes. A donkey, a white dove (in a shepherd's hand) and sheep which has meanings and roles in Bible. I imagined... and a little bit changed statues -- Mary and Joseph are smiling at a little Jesus. Baby Jesus is smiling back to them.
Sketching has been a reward to relax myself, for I have submitted a story board of a picture book, whilst looking after the fractures. I'm getting better. Now, Publisher/Editor Helen Chamberlin and Mentor Ann James are on a holiday leave. Yey! I could find time to upload a post.  
If you're interested in my hectic(?!) life or a hilarious tragicomedy, come over, Sadami's Graffiti. We are having fun! 
Thank you for visiting and a strong support. Particularly, members cheers have encouraged me. I wish you 2016 will be a wonderful year. I hope that I will post like before and behave a good girl in 2016. 
Friends, Happy Painting, but have a nice vacation! Don't hurry, even on the way to your own exhibition. Show me your beautiful smiling in 2016!