Saturday, March 26, 2016

USK Sydney and USK Hong Kong Sketch Swap - Part 3

Following on from Part 2, here is the final series of sketches swapped between Urban Sketchers in Sydney and Hong Kong from December 2015 to February 2016.

Oi Ling swapped with Sadami Konchi

Ming Lee swapped with Wendy Shorland

Peisea Low swapped with Barbara Gray

Sketchers were guided by the theme of choosing something representative of their city or an event special to them.  They were paired for direct swaps and are presented side by side (click on images to enlarge view). 

Queenie Chan swapped with Irah Lillen Rosete

Rob Sketcherman swapped with Rooi Ping Lim

Sandy Hau swapped with Jen Mak

Vanessa Leung swapped with Chris Breeze

Victor Law swapped with Judy Salleh

Wai Wai swapped with Julie-Anne Rogers
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  1. Dear Chantal and involved people,
    Thank you very much for carrying out such a wonderful event. How hard you've worked for us!! All of you will be legends!
    Best wishes, special thanks, Sadami

    1. thanks for your participation and kind words Sadami!

  2. Well done Chantal. What a fabulous collection of sketches showing off our beautiful cities.

  3. Thanks Mike! So good to see them all together! Thanks for joining in.

  4. I managed to find a sketch of the Sydney skyline from an affordable art fair in Sydney, and my fiancé loved it! She had it framed it displayed it in the living. Our house just has the most variety of sketches and paintings that we find in street art fairs, which gives it a very distinct character. I love it when guests compliment our choices!

  5. Thank you for sharing these sketches with us! I hope that you're storing them all well somewhere for others to peruse when they visit you!