Monday, May 23, 2011

Great Fun! Sketching at Luna Park Under Sydney Harbour Bridge Opposite to Opera House

Hi, Friends, did you have a nice weekend?
On Sunday, Sydney Sketch Club enjoyed an event, ArtAlong, I joined it as an invited artist by North Sydney Council. There, people can enjoy watching local artists working on paintings on a pavement. The event (9am-3pm) is a painting competition at

the same time.I set up a stall just in front of Luna Park, a children's heaven. But I did not see other artists around me. It puzzled me and I realized all other artists wanted to paint "landscapes" for the competition.
I enjoyed quick watercolour portraits. Well, men and boys would not sit for me. Mmmm....they might be much shyer than us?! Only girls and women cooperated me. GIRLS POWER! Thank you all the models and ladys.

People showed a great interest in my sketching. My idea to display original and copied works on "boards" worked out very well.
Passerbys often looked at my other works and picked up business cards. We really enjoyed lots of chats. Some friends came to see me. Later, the staff told me that my stall became quite popular among watchers and tourists. I was too busy to realise it. I could not look at other artists.

I often enjoyed a chat too much and might be a bit distracted.
BUT the point was to communicate people there. I do not need to make a masterpiece everytime or all the time.
Making portraits is a very intimate human interaction between a model and an artist. Indeed, each model and I had a long chat. Usually, I make a quick sketch in 15 or 20 minutes, even in a train cart, I do it (My blog readers well know it). Today, I was a bit slow for watercolour.
Only the problem was...we, human beings cannot keep a laugh or a smile for minutes = we go back be serious soon!
The conversations were very interesting. Each model gave me their life stories, which was an artist's privilege to share a model's inner world.With one lady, we chatted over when & who & what is the most important. I quoted Tolstoy, "Three Questions." The answers are, "Now," "A person whom I'm with," "Do good a person whom I'm with." The answers always remind me of a Japanese tea ceremony. It has philosophy that "Do your best to a guest at a ceremony, because we may not see again on the earth."

When I sketch people...I feel the same above.
Of course, I had a great fun today, but also these sketches are my prayers. I hope I will keep on and learn lots.
Finally, special thanks to Jennifer, our guardian angel of the Sketch Club, who took all these photos and other members' as well.

appy painting & have a nice week!!