Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sketching Brings Friends : Captures Moment & Beauty of Life

Hi, Friends, did you have a wonderful weekend? Yes, I had! Mom, you're a forever idol, hero and cultural icon!!
Now, I'll chat over the quick watercolour on people around us. I usually sketch people just sitting next to me. Always sketching brings me new friends.

This guy's beard, mustache, so gentle eyes and very very soft smile melt away my heart at a flea market. Quite rare to find a young beard man with a so nice smile. After getting his and his girl friend's permission, I got on sketching! Light was interesting. At once, the hand craft jewellery artist at a stall came to me and we became friends. Do you come across artists and sketch them? I love it. Often their high tension has beauty. Below, I met a man taking a video in the Botanical Garden. His passion touched my heart. After quickly sketching him, I came to know he was the famous documentary director! His partner was a very big name as a portraitist who uses collage. Very lovely to know each other. They were working on film making as a couple. Unfortunately, some of us, artists tend to be socially isolated in studios. Being a lone wolf is not good. So, I join events as many as possible. Last week, I attended the seminar on contemporary art & artists. Over there, I made friends with other two lovely artists. The agendas were contemporary artists' difficulties in cracking into market, which often result in commercially unsuccessful. Contemporary artists' struggle is nothing different from me, a traditional illustrator. A bit surprise. In my eyes, exhibitions, galleries and art market tend to embrace contemporary art. So, I chose portraits for a life long pursuing work, because a traditional style will remain as a main stream in portraits. Mmmm....the truth is that whatever the style is, an artist is having the same trouble in society.
I sketch anyone at anywhere.
Another fun encounter I made was at a Chinese restaurant in the evening. The shop demonstrates making noodles and dumplings in a show window. Always four or five working people face a street(= They and onlookers cannot carry a conversation in sounds). Very interesting. I always look at it with a big curiousity from a street. One staff's smiling and rosy cheeks were so nice. Quickly sketched him making dumplings(?). Now, in the window the workers began to make big "Wows" and asked me to come in with a body language. Ooops, I thought of a boundary issue and a manager. When I was just leaving there, the manager was coming to the window. (*Phtew!! Hahaha! Weldone, Sadami!)
From now on, the shop workers and I will smile at each other.

Making friends with others is my greatest bonus. Blessed are artists! Sketching captures a moment and friezes the beauty of our life. Eternity is in sketches. Unpacked beauty of life always reaches viewers forever and ever.
...and my sketches, art work & the blog are dedicated for us, ordinary people living ordinary lives.
Happy painting!!