Monday, July 25, 2011

Sketch Machinery or People? Both!

Hi, Friends, did you have a nice weekend?
Sydney Sketch club visited Powerhouse Museum. Huge and a playground for children. We, too, went back to kids?! and had a fun. So, I upload something mechanical. (*Honest... I'm not a big fan for drawing machinery.) But have a look of this old rusted truck with flat tyres! How eye catchy! I could not resist sketching it.
When I carefully looked at the truck, something dried sea-weeds like were on the windshield. Often that see weed is seen on forsaken ships in a sea or a beach. I wonder, hum...the truck might have be scattered in salt water/beach? Probably, after picking it up, someone or an artist cut out the metals and decorated the truck. So attractive and rather fashionable. Fun to imagine the truck's mysterious "biography" that gives the subject a character. *So, usually, I just look at displayed objects without reading any tag and get my own impression. Then, look up tags. Knowledge and inspiration are different matters.

***Wow, my imagination was spot on! The truck is an art work, "Lacie Lorrie". Ingrid Morley gives "Lacie Lorrie" a second life. It is the part of the big event, "Make Lace, Not War." Friends, we, artists can trun anything into beautiful art work with a message!

Back to the topic.
We live with machinery. Once, I tried a bike for the frist time. Not easy.
Probably, this work is the best for a bike so far. Men and boys' passion for machines are far beyond my understanding.
Again, I felt more appetite for sketching people. I sketched another sketch club member while our lunch. It brought me back to life?!
As if machinery had their own will. Sometimes, I wonder who is a master, a machine or me? I'm far behind from technology and often frustrated with complicated machines. If I could go back to Stone Age, a no machine time, it could be more peaceful...? No weapons, no tv, etc, etc, of course, at the expense of convenience.
But I believe good relationships deliver home happiness without machinery.

Anyway, if you'd like to have a look of my cartoon, come over Sadami's Graffiti and have a cuppa with me.
Happy painting and have a wonderful week!