Monday, May 21, 2012

Another work trip to Melbourne

Two full on days in Melbourne for work (as usual) this is what I managed.

120516 Flight to Melbourne

The flight down - taking away my ink lines... I don't really enjoy plane sketch but I do it out of habit. Fills in a little time and a great way to at least get one sketch done.  It is amazing how different my painting feels (from my usual ink and wash) although it is exactly the same.

120516_2 Da Noi Dinner

Da Noi Dinner- South Yarra

An AMAZING dinner with the client - a Sardinian restaurant with a set menu (ie the chef just decided what to give us) Many antipasto dishes, then two 'mains' then a cheese plate and then some desserts.

I never have the courage to sketch in a work context... but as my sketching had recently become part of the conversation and my sketchbook passed around the table I thought I should go for it... AND funnily enough  a cup of tea shortly afterwards arrived on the table (followed immediately by some desserts) So here is my quick sketch done with sketchbook on lap, paint tin on table.After my 4.30am start, walking around site all day, I was somewhat tired...but my reflex action of sketching kicked in!  I didn't have my pen with me (so first time using pencil outlines under pressure)I added ink later and touched up n the flight home the next day)

120517 Melb to Sydney

Flight home..sketching is such a great way to fill in the long waiting time associated with flying. One day, I hope to be able to explore Melbourne with my sketchbook.... but it is unrealistic to expect this to ever happen within a work context!