Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So what has everyone been sketching in May?

I have had a quiet-ish May in that I haven't been out on any sketching excursions lately. But it was so good to get out yesterday at lunchtime to sketch! I have been working on A4 sheets of paper lately and it has been a lot of fun and great not to have to wait for the paint/ink to dry on one sketch before starting the next ones.

I have been  preparing for the workshop that I will be running with Frank Ching at the upcoming Urban Sketchers Symposium in Santo Domingo on Sketching Architecture.(I would love it if there were going to be some Australians there..... for more info go here)

Anyway these sketches yesterday were part of this prep. I am exploring different ways of sketching complex buildings. I have recently reminded myself how much I love my Pentel Pocket Brush  - it is such a decisive tool to use. You have to live with every mark you make. Most people recommend working slowing with it... but me? No... I just go for it!

I have been hanging out in my favourite tearoom as well(what is new- hey?)...but trying to sketch views rather than just the cup and scones on the table!