Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Seven Bridges walk - Sydney - with sketchbook

On Sunday I joined thousands of other people and took part in the Annual Seven Bridges walk around Sydne to raise money for the Cancer Council. There is a set route, taking the walkers over seven Bridges in Sydney, but no fixed starting or finishing point. I walked half of it , and took my sketchbook, Lamy Safari Joy ink pen and watercolour pencils with me.
I am not sure what I had in mind, but you never know when opportunities with present themselves.

At each bridge crossing I got my sketchbook stamped with the official stamp of the day. I have included the map that I drew afterwards to give you an idea of the course. You will notice I have not drawn the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was because, in the end I walked 15 km (out of the whole 26km) .
I sketched seven pages

Drawing while walking is difficult. But the people were all walking at the same pace and the wharf a broad and flat.
The later drawing on the page of people walking was drawn while walking along the thin footpath in the suburbs- have to watch your feet