Thursday, August 1, 2013

National Tree Day - Wolli Creek

I was asked to participate in an event held at Wolli Creek's Iloura Reserve as a sketcher. Initially it was to hold workshops but convinced the organisers, the Wolli Creek Preservation Society, that something a bit more casual would be better suited.
So I sat at various locations and made sure there was plenty of spare material for anyone that wanted to join me. Most were kids, sadly adults seem inherently intimidated by blank sheets of paper. Anyway, it did give me more time to play.

The WCPS are trying to raise awareness about this thin strip of bushalnd found in the inner south-west of Sydney. Caught in between residential areas and a motorway, they are hoping to dissuade any plans to bulldoze through to extend the motorway.
 This year's theme was about Wolli Creek being an inspiration to the arts and creativity. They had us sketchers, musicians, poets, photographers and arts and crafts activities happening on the day.
If you would like to see more of my work from this day and other visits to the reserve please visit my blog here.