Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sketching in a storm water drain Cannon Hill Brisbane

Today, I decided to sketch in a storm water drain.  These structures are all over Brisbane, open drains to channel the excess water from the heavy rains we get out into the bay via the many creeks we have.

Sadly, folks think these drains are their personal garbage dumps.  There were all kinds of garbage in there, from plastic bottles, cans, cardboard, what looked like the remnants of a shopping trolley, and lots of plastic from cast off plastic bags.

There is plenty of wildlife living in these ditches, Mallard ducks, Australian Brown Ducks, and visiting Egrets..  I didn't get close enough tot he water to see if there were any fish in there, I didn't have my gumboots.  Sadly I didn't have a plastic bag either, to carry the smaller pieces of garbage away..