Sunday, December 1, 2013

Melbourne crew at the Grampians

A group of us from Melbourne (Evelyn, Angela, Ilze, Muzo, Umut, Anne and myself) packed up our bags and jumped in a car to have a long 4-day weekend sketching in the Grampians. It was an excellent weekend for cooking up feasts, drinking wine, toasting marshmallows, animal spotting and sketching from sunrise to sunset (and usually late-ish into the night as well). We sketched everywhere we went including on the journey in the car. 

The Balconies are a nice lookout and we took up most of one end sketching. A few curious kids were watching us, and one of them said ''I wish I had my notebook'' to which Angela offered her some paper and pencil. Before we knew it we had a bunch of kids and we shared our tools around. We joked that it was essentially was a makeshift Day Care, but they were all lovely and focused on sketching and painting. The parents thought it was great, as they spend a good 20 - 30 mins with us.

The Balconies, Grampians

The hike down to the McKenzie Waterfalls is well worth the view. Angela, Evelyn and I perched ourselves on a tall rock to sketch the waterfalls. 

Melbourne Cup Day is a public holiday for Victorians. It also happened to be my birthday. We stopped at the Sisters Rocks, followed with a wine tasting at the Seppelt Winery and sketched the Lodge. 

We stopped for a late lunch and to see the race. We also had one last stop to sketch the Beaufort Fire Station. First I drew it and painted only the sky, then as a bit of an experiment I drew it again and painted just the building and trees.