Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Summer in Margaret River, Western Australia

This December our family flew to Perth, Western Australia to visit relatives for the Christmas break. In Perth we had one night at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle. It's restored wooden façade stretches the width of a full block and looks so grand with its large balcony. The park across the road provided a good view to sketch from and I tried to imbue the late afternoon shade that stretched all the way to the hotel's rooftop from the huge tree behind me in the park.

For several days of the trip the sun shone with all it's strength and I was pleased I had set out in the early morning to sketch this beautiful home in Margaret River. Even then the pen work was completed on one morning before needing to retreat indoors from the heat, then I returned the following morning to complete the watercolour.
I had attempted to draw this house a few years ago but gave up after being overwhelmed by both architecture and foliage! I'm so grateful for this year of being involved in the Urban Sketching community as I've learnt so much and was able to give this sketch another try with much more confidence knowing I could finish it.   Wishing all of this community a fantastic 2014 of learning, sharing and friendship!