Thursday, March 19, 2015

USK Melbourne. Fitzroy Gardens

Saturday 14 March .

Over FORTY sketchers met on a beautiful day (more like Spring than Autumn) at Fitzroy Gardens, near the city. The majority of sketchers spread out in groups around Cooks Cottage . This is a little unusual as we usually each head out in different direction, sketch for a few hours and then meet up again just before lunch, So to see so many sketchers in one place was great ! And the tourists thought it was too - taking photos of us, and chatting.

the object of our attention : Cooks Cottage

Cooks Cottage is in Fitzroy Gardens, It is on the List of things to do in Melbourne" for tourists  and the buses drop them off to spend time in the Gardens and explore the features. UK 1740's cottage lived in by Captain James Cook's parents (and maybe by him but perhaps he just visited them there ) . It was dismantled and shipped to Australia for Victoria's anniversary in 1934.

Sketchers and tourists taking photos at the end of the mornings sketching . Photo Jodi Wiley 

Twenty or more different versions of  Cooks Cottage, each with its own different interpretation emphasis and style. This is the joy of sketching in a group: to see that there is no right answer and everyone is different. It is also a chance to learn from others an ask about paints, pens, techniques...