Monday, May 9, 2016

Leigh Memorial, Historical Architecture in Parramatta

I'm searching for my own style in architecture drawing. I'd really appreciate your feedback on different approaches : "traditional vs loose." Leigh Memorial is a Victorian Gothic church opened in 1885. Today, it's Uniting church in Parramatta. This historical and very charming architecture elegantly stands opposite to Parramatta Artists Studios on Macquarie St. 

A first image is created by a traditional methods. The church building has unified colours on it. My paints have come together well. The colour of a shadow seems fit to the architecture. I really enjoyed drawing. Street walkers often talked to me. Thanks for cheers! 
The black and white is below. In the colour work, added people show a scale of the building and something humane.  
A loose image is below. In fact, I had done it earlier than the work created by a traditional drawing methods. I enjoyed colours in a quick way. But my eyes have told that the building is too thin. So, I made the building stout in the first image. I tried Leigh Memorial for several times. The more, I draw, the more, I learn. What do you think these two different modes?  
In my eyes, the drawing of architecture, itself, is not so complicated, as long as my eyes capture a building as a "mass" and chunk it down in simple 3D. A headache is architecture demands preciseness in drawing. Of course, there are many artists cook architectures by their unique styles. Produced architectures taste good and so beautiful, which very much interests me! 

I need more time to learn how I loose up architectures/landscapes or try other drawing methods. Practice gives me answers. I'm very proud of messed up papers! 
Btw, we're getting into autumn. It was very cold today. What about your area? Take care. 
Friends, Happy Painting!      


  1. That's a beautiful piece of architecture you've drawn there. Makes me want to go and sit in front of some of the old churches in Brisbane and test my own skills at sketching!

    1. Thank you very much, Thomas! Sure, you will enjoy sketching. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Sadami-san - I like both for different reasons! The first building looks formal, official and I feel like I might get into trouble. The second sketch makes the building look friendly. So I think it's great to be able to change the style because you can, depending on what your impression was like of the building. It was so so lovely to meet you in person and thanks for all of the advice.

    1. Hi, Asuka, thank you for kind feedback and very lovely to meet you, too. What a lovely lady you are! Btw, a style depends on a "genre" required by viewers or need. I heartily admire your wonderful style. I look forward to seeing you in the future and catching up in meetings.
      Best wishes, Sadami