Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Wet And Wild Day in Wollongong

Yesterday as much of our state was lashed by wild storms, some brave-hearted Sydney USKers ventured down to Wollongong to draw with a group of sketchers there who are keen to grow and become linked with us.  We caught an early train, and travelling together gave us a lovely chance to catch up and chat, which isn’t always what happens when we’re sketching outdoors on a sunny day.

Despite the fact that the planned itinerary was never going to work in that weather, we all found sketching spots under some degree of shelter. Some of us visited the art gallery, while others drew the Town Hall or the amazing architecture of the new Wollongong Central and its views. Its design is based on the industrial heritage of the city, and its landscape, reflected in the rust-coloured steel bars on the front  facade and the local flora designs as embellishments on the white panels.

Despite soggy shoes and wet clothing we had a great day and it was good to encourage the Wollongong group too. The itinerary they had planned for yesterday is all ready to use the next time we go down, and we thank them for their warm hospitality! 


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