Monday, June 13, 2011

Archibald, BaldArchy, Doug Moran Exhibitions

Hi, Friends, are you enjoying a long weekend? (*Queen's Birthday.)
Now, I'll take you to the interesting and famous portrait exhibitions in Australia.

Archibold Prize 2011. Archibold prize is the oldest and most prestigious portrait prize in Australia. Any portraitist dreams to be a winner and a finalist. This year, 41 participants are selected out of 900 paintings. You can imagine how competitive it is. The winner is Ben Quilty, "Margaret Olley" (oil on canvas). Margaret Olley is the famous lady in art. She did a model for Archibold 50 years ago as well. It has become a hot topic and public attention. Below is the NSW Art Gallery.
Second, BaldArchy
that parodies the title of Archbald, yes, an upside-down word. It exhibits "caricatures." I sketched BaldArchy 2010 that was quite fun. This year, at BaldArchy 2011, I came across an interesting lady drawing an abstract painting in front of the first prize work at Tap Gallery. She puzzled me and happily teased at me. Friends, please get surprised, she was "Madam Lash"!! Madam Lash is a very big name in under-culture and famous portraitist on controversial subjects. Hahh...., a world is small. I often come acorss famous people while sketching outside. I might be a very lucky artist?!

Doug Moran Pize is the world richest portrait and photographic prizes. $150,000 for the best work.
Free Exhibition 2011 at NSW State Library(21st April - 26th June)

The portrait winner is Vincent Fantauzzo, "Baz Lurhmann 'off screen.'" Vincent often becomes a finalist at Archibald, too.Did you enjoy these exhibitions? If you'd enjoy my skeches, come over Sadami's Graffiti and have a cuppa with me.

Salon des Refuses. "Salon des Refuses" is another venue for unsuccessful Archibald applicants. It displays interesting and unique portaits from Archibald participants.

This weekend, Sunday, 19th June, 11:00 AM
Sydney Sketch club will visit Salon des Refuses at National Trust, Sydney Observatory Observatory Hill, The Rocks.

So, Friends, come and join our sketching.
Happy painting!!