Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coffee Shops of Newtown - Chill Cafe

Oh yes, working too late at night finishing off my page. That's how the name got an extra 'I' on the end. Silly me! I had an early appointment in that part of Newtown and I wanted to go to the best button shop in Sydney, All Buttons Great & Small. I wanted to buy one button for a necklace fastening. I thought the necklace was cobalt blue, but seen beside it, the blues looked too green. This amethyst coloured glass button picks up the cobalt blue and turns it to the exact right colour. That's colour theory for you!

I was waiting for the shop to open so I had this coffee and muesli slice. I drew the button at home afterwards to differentiate between this day, and many other days at cafes with white cups & plates. They had another shape of great red chair though, so I'll be back to draw the chair when there's more time. Good cookie too.