Monday, August 29, 2011

Pub Crawl In Newtown

Hi, Friends, pub crawl is fun(...depends on a budget!?).
Let's start from this pub. Still the sun is high. Chat, chat, chat and sip, sip, sip.
People come to a pub to find something they seek for. Students enjoy freedom after a semester. Working people find an escape from reality such as one-night dream or entertainment or a rest.
OK, let's try another pub. Hey, an outside is getting dark.
When a night softly falls on Newtwon, pubs begin to shine through and swallow people more and more in darkness.
Time for adults begins.

Technically, not an ideal spot for sketching, because of poor light, especially, in the evening.
Kind people pretend not knowing my sketching and let me work on. (Thanks millions!)

When I look at
a street from a window, light is very fascinating. Colours diminish in darkness. Paradoxically, good value study.
A gig is another fun as well as alcohol and chats with friends.
Once, I did play an acoustic guitar and sang at a folk song cafe, but NO PAY. So, I'm totally empathic for gig performers. Hang in there, guys!! Survive and strive for a dream!

In the middle of night, a fiasco is over and people go home before morning comes.

Friends, have a good time at a pub!
...but be careful, it is said...
"Bacchus(=Dionysus) has drowned more people than Neptune(=Posaidon)."
If you want to enjoy my sketches more, come over Sadami's Graffiti and let's have fun together. Cheers!