Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day Two at the Zoo

The second time we went to the zoo we had a PLAN. We saw the barbary sheep while leaving on the first day, so we went straight there to capture these gorgeous calm looking animals. They have long hair hanging from a line that goes from under their chins to between their front legs. Some of them also have dreadlocks, which seem to have been created by moulting and maybe some rolling on the ground (though I didn't see that).

Next we went to draw the spider monkeys, but they weren't co-operating and said 'no portraiture please' and retreated to the other side of their enclosure.

We also saw the baby tigers who were newly on display, but no chance to sketch due to the queue of people waiting to see them. The peacock danced on the floral clock for us too (you can see him on my blog) but we needed lunch.

After lunch we decided to draw the cassowary. One of them had been posing nicely prior to lunchtime, but after lunch decided to stroll around. These amazing birds are native to Australia but not around here ! I'd never seen one before. Part of his bony headdress is a gold metallic colour, so I had to get the acrylics out when I got home to put some of that on.

All this sketching things that are moving is great practice.