Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some more sketches from Newtown

a little late in sharing these...sorry!

From Ethna:

In spite of many visits to Newtown, I had never ventured far from the main thoroughfare of King Street, so it was exciting to plunge into the back streets and lanes of this lively suburb with the Urban Sketchers group in Sydney.
I'm often attracted to the narrative of the place when I'm looking for the open gate to a house here made me stop and I felt I'd found my sketch.....someone perhaps had just left through that gate, or someone was about to go in......
Cars abound in these narrow back streets so between dodging both them and a few showers, I managed to get something done........

Further down the lane I saw two apartment blocks very close together with a bit of sky inbetween (that blue sky is wishful thinking). It's amazing that even with all the bricks, concrete and glass, a bit of greenery from a balcony or aroung a corner somehow pops up and tends to soften the view.

From Peter Rush:
St Stephens - Newtown

Looking down Victoria St.
The Sydney Urban Sketchers met up this month in my home ground - Newtown!

Newtown is well known for its urban grit . It's a feast of graffited back lanes with exposed pipes and ductwork behind the busy shops of King St. Perversely I couldn't help myself and sketched a remant of it's arcadian origins. This church is famous for its overgrown cemetery - well worth a visit for a future Urban Sketchers meet up.