Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Garden "SketchAbout" & Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, thank you for a warm welcome me, Sadami, a new participant. The experience is wonderful! I sketched "figures" in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.
Alissa & Liz
Organizers, Liz, Alissa and Jennifer are so caring for all members. They welcome us and talk to each member with respect and rapport. It makes anyone comfortable and feels at home. Also, each member is totally autonomous and free, regarding subjects and media. Particularly, the volunteer Jeniffer helps us so much and took photos of members.

A friendly atmospher, no criticism but encouragements are wonderful. Get the image of Sydney sketch club? Isn't it nice?

The fountain is near at the entrance and so attractive.
The Garden has many statues, too.
Of course, mischief Sadami always seeks interesting subjects. Here we go! A very cute scare craw, I'm afraid it easily makes friends with birds?! This little girl is in a section for pioneers' "first farm." Kerry from the Garden Trust explains the purpose of the event, "SketchAbout" (from March 12 to April 16) that has a competition and an exhibition at the end. The ultimate goals are public awareness of environmentalism and the maintenance of the Garden.

Same minded people get together -- is absolutely fun. It is exciting to look at different techniques and unfamiliar media. The lady wtih green hair sketching me uses pastels. Great opportunity for exchanging info on techniques and materials.
The event will be run till 12 April. The Sydney Sketch Club will always have a meeting in the Garden every Saturday, shine or rain.
So, come and join us! All welcome.

More sketches and stories are in my blog, "Sadami's Graffiti." You'll find lots of feedback and comments on the post from all over the world:).

Happy painting! See you next time.