Friday, March 11, 2011

Three great tearooms/cafes in 24 hours

I am not going to dump this blog with all the tearoom/café sketches that I do (you can go to my blog for that!) but here are the three excellent establishments that I visited within 24 hours last weekend!
Sydney has such a GREAT range of cafes!

Earl Greys of Crows Nest 13 Sparrow 2

Friday night 5.45pm SPARROW Crows Nest
Got a chance to go back to this place- which is very nice. They have two varieties of Earl Grey. Due to no one being around when I left the cafe on my first visit I didn't get a chance to leave a card...however the owners had found my blog anyway so were rather excited when they saw me sketching and asked if I was the sketcher? Almost like being famous!?!

110305_01 Tara Tearoom with AWA

Saturday 10.00am - TARA TEA ROOM The Rocks
Morning with Alissa, Wendy and Annie - my sketching buddies who are also involved in the Garden Sketchabout which starts TOMORROW.
LOVE this place!!!! The scones are amazing and the owner is SO nice- thanks Ash for another special visit. LOVE LOVE the cosies!!!

110305_02 T2 waiting for a friend

Saturday 3.15pm T2 Tea House Macquarie Centre, North Ryde
Meeting up with a friend at T2 at 4pm..didn't feel like shopping so went an hour early to sketch and chill. To do a 'serious' sketch I have to tearooms in solo mode.
110305_03 T2 waiting with a friend

Lovely to have someone to share T2 with - my friend ordered a coffee and it looked spectacular with a T2 saucer!! Very stylish.