Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Probably the noisiest sketching day I've ever known - maybe even the noisiest day. Our trip to Cabramatta was arranged around availability, not Chinese New Year. We'd missed the major celebrations by a week anyway, but hoped against hope to see á dragon'.
Cabramatta is the Vietnamese area of Sydney and a number of years ago was considered a no-go area because of drugs. It's all different now, and its a wonderful place to eat, buy interesting and unusual fruit & veg, and best of all the fruit drinks at Yummi.
There are plenty of seats scattered about, so no need to take your own. Well, dragons! There were several groups of lion dancers, each with two or three lions, drummers, cymbals, and a noisy and extended culmination of firecrackers. We sketched to the beat of the drums and got right into the swing of things.