Monday, February 27, 2012

Waterfall Cottage, Bayview

120225_04 Waterfall Cottage
Had a great day on Saturday, with fellow sketcher Chris, at a wonderful house and garden at Bayview - Waterfall Cottage (only opened two weekends a year)
120225_02 Waterfall Cottage Inside
Very loose and quick (ratty) sketching as it was impossible to find a comfortable place to sit to sketch. Colour later (in a similar style!)
120225_03 Waterfall Cottage Verandah cafe
Although I have a seat for this sketch, the constant demand for seats on the verandah meant that I was rushing this one too. I coloured this one at the time.

120225_05 T2 Queues and Milky Oolong

Nothing like a time of chill after being out in the sun sketching...of course at my favourite hang-out T2 teahouse.