Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lane Cove River

As someone else said, rain, rain, rain. It's raining today & it was raining last week when I went up the Lane Cove River. I may have said before that I belong to the Sydney Heritage Fleet and that means I get the opportunity to go out on these historic vessels.

This time it was a tiny one - the Protex. There were 15 of us on board including the captain. We sailed across Sydney Harbour and up the Lane Cove River as far as Fuller's Bridge. When we got to the National Park, some Fleet members got off, and by the time we sailed upriver and turned around they had a barbecue lunch cooked for us.

Though there were showers from time to time we didn't get wet, and the deep saturated olive greens of the river were beautiful. Although it goes right through the middle of residential Sydney it was calm and peaceful up there. I learnt that watercolour pencils are the absolute best for sketching on board ship, because you can capture the colours as you go along.