Thursday, February 9, 2012

A busy week

I found myself travelling all over Sydney these last couple of weeks, so I made some time to sketch.
I was on the North Shore heading to Mosman and had to wait for a connecting bus at Neutral Bay.
Then later that week I had to make a trip to Burwood. I wasn't catching a bus but waiting for a pest inspector to check out my uncle's house. We waited outside in the car as it rained, and the house happens to have a bus stop right outside it. The bugger didnt show up, but at least I got something out of it.


  1. These are great. The one of the Neutral Bay bus stop took me there right away. The one of the scene in the mirror is really inventive. I took a photo like that once but strangely nobody ever draws that (except you have now).

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  3. Having trouble editing my profile name and pic with blogger. Any advice from anywhere?
    Tim Mooney

  4. Now its ok. This a a great rear view mirror sketch. Extremely intriguing!