Monday, March 19, 2012

Sketch Sydney Uni & Special Thanks for Retiring Professor

Hi, Friends, how is it going with you?
I enjoyed a friends-get-together, shopping dresses
and sketching at a weekend, whilst I'm preparing a business talk with a client soon.

By the way, one professor will get retired. Today, I tried some of our uni buildings. I'm not so fond of sketching architecture except our own university. Recently, modern architecture and renovated buildings more come up on the campus. For example, Social Work and Education Building.
Often other people use uni theatres for presentation, book launch and conferences. I met a great picture book illustrator, "Shaun Tann" in the theature, for his book launch, "Arrival."
Ah, hopefully, one day, I would have a book launch at the uni.

Another, my secret favorite place is a "stairwell"! It's very interesting to look up. I tried colour based on a value study wtih a limited pattet.
....a stairwell could be a good place to whisper a love romance
...or break up?! Gulp.
Move on.
Particularly, old stone gothic buildings are lovely. I've sketched this clock tower for many times and still love it. So far, a black and white. I'm thinking of realistic colours on this drawing.

(**Once, I made a pinkish roof! The real colour is a purple+blue, even though many lecturers loved my unique approach. Thanks!)

But...mmm... "retiring" ... I have not thought of it...
Most artists would keep on working until die? Unlike other occupations, many artists do not have steady income. Artist friends and I talk over our superannuations. The professor's retiring made me think of aging. Not easy.

the retiring professor has really helped so many students ; I was one of them. It was that professor who encouraged me. With lecturers cheers, I got into a new carrer, an " artist and picture book illustrator." I'd celebrate the professor's retirement and wish all the best.
Also, let us prepare for our bright future all the time. Really we do not know when we open another door or others acknowledge our talents.
Friends, happy painting!!