Sunday, March 4, 2012

Union Square, Sydney

Union Square is in the inner city Sydney suburb of Pyrmont.

A delightful place to sit in the sun and sketch. Some of the buildings in the square are cafes, so I sketched my lunch as well.

I wanted to use my Lamy Safari Joy ink pen, as I have been using watercolour pencil for days. It was tempting to draw the lovely sandstone buildings, but then I saw the roofline, then I made the decision to include the antennas !

The buildings in the square are on the National Heritage Register. Below is their desciption:
This terrace of five houses, dating from the Victorian period, has historical significance for its association with the development of Pyrmont Ultimo as a primarily industrial and warehouse district of inner Sydney. Large areas of working class housing, built by wealthy landowners, came to characterise the suburb and a close social environment evolved .

The houses are constructed of ashlar sandstone and the roofs are gabled (and clad with recent terracotta tiles). The houses are relatively intact, with rectangular door openings (surmounted by top lights) and windows fitted with eight pane sash frames. Chimneys are brick and are topped by pots. The dividing walls rise through the roof line.The row appears in fair general condition. In the 1970s the unsympathetic roof tiles and iron decoration to the facades were added.

The terrace is a good example of a Victorian era terrace row and it is a major feature on Union Street, being part of the registered Pyrmont Square Group. It consequently plays a significant role in the streetscape of this central Pyrmont precinct.