Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tropical Centre, Botanic Gardens

Last Saturday was Week Two of my "Keeping a Sketchbook " course. Just as well I'd organised wet weather venues because it rained. We were at the Botanic Gardens, and for the wet day we went to the Tropical Centre which is an unusual building with unusual plants. Last year we had a rainy day in there during Autumn of the Arts and we loved it. Same again.

Not many people were about because of the rain, so we nearly had the place to ourselves. There are so many things to draw in there that I want to go back and back and back. It is hot and steamy which is OK if it is not hot outside, but if the sun is coming in you can't stay too long.

I drew along with the class, but quickly so that I could go round and talk to them all.
They drew amazing things and I was so happy.

This coming Saturday we're at the Maritime Museum (inside or out, depending on the weather).