Saturday, April 21, 2012

35th Sketchcrawl BRISBANE

Our group met at the QUT at 9.30am for a 10.00am start.  We sat sat for an hour sketching, then headed off to the Goodwill Bridge.  Half an hour there, then Southbank.  We sketched for half an hour, then headed off to the food court for lunch.  After lunch we had a difference project.  IMAGINE THIS  It was fun, the leader of the project had A3 sheets of paper with faded out photos on them of buildingds in the street we were on.  Our task was to take the photo and add our artists impression, of how we could improve on the architecture to make the building more appealing.  It was a super exercise.  We spent half an hour on this, then headed to out last stop, the Queensland State Library.  It was a super day!  Weather was magical.


Southbank side of the Goodwill Bridge, looking at the mangroves.

Lighthouse at Maritime Museum (From Goodwill Bridge)

At the Beach SouthBank


Folks having lunch at Southbank

Lunchtime Southbank

Qld State Library forecourt

Qld State Library forecourt

Qld State Library forecourt.
The Imagine This project.