Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And a third time to Cockatoo Island

At Cockatoo Island on Easter Monday we had to stay out of the wind. We settled on this sheltered spot between two buildings and it just happened to be the place that just epitomises Cockatoo Island for me. I've photographed it before, but never sketched it. I used my new WINE coloured Copic Multiliner pen, and I must say I LOVE it.

In the same sheltered spot, but against the building opposite I found this interesting conglomeration of pipes.

After that, lunch. Lunch is always good at Cockatoo Island and their BLATs are probably the best I've ever had. By that time it was hot in the sun, so we moved around to 'Easter Island' and sketched there. If you look at this photo you will see why we call it that.