Monday, April 30, 2012

Archibald2012 & Be What I Am Fully

Hi, Friends, how have you been? I sketched Archibald 2012, the most prestigious portrait competition in Australia. Here, NSW Gallery entrance.
None of watercolour work was in. Most finalists' paintings were oil or acrylics. "John Yu With Artist" (Jun Chen) caught my eyes, as the colour "green" used in the face and the strong brush strokes fascinated me.  
You can guess how huge paintings were. It was the main stream. But I'll keep my own style.

The other day, I sketched a psychologist and popular writer, Hugh McKay at his book launch. Although the work size is A4, I'm happy with it. That's the point! "Be what I am most." 
OK, I'm loosening up landscape with washes. We saw the huge rainbow over City after a heavy shower. Beautiful and full of hope! 
I've begun to get how to loosen up. Only the problem is landscape does not move around that bores me so much. No joke. I love capturing movements.
To learn new techniques and master them takes time. I always want to take in new skills and enrich myself.

Although this post seems to have too many topics, what I tell myself is "Be what I am most." I do not need to be someone else, but myself fully. Even without a signature, my work should tell who made it -- Sadami. So, I explore skills, pursue originality and will be what I am fully. 
Friends, Happy Painting!!