Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sydney spontaneous sketching

Some days I specifically go out to a sketch a certain place or event, such as our monthly Urban Sketchers events in Sydney or the flickr weekly Urban Sketching challenge . But the majority of my urban sketching is spontaneous. I carry my pencils and Moleskine watercolour sketchbook with me all the time, so am always prepared.

I use watercolour pencils and Lamy Safari Joy ink pen. Sometimes on their own, sometimes combined. Today I used them separately. Here are two different styles of my Urban Sketching.


I  did a quick  unplanned sketch of some buskers, Winterbourne in the Pitt Street Mall. I found a place out of the crowd, leaning up against a wall, and decided what to include in my sketch. I started with the main guitarist, then the second one really got into it and so I quickly sketched him.  It took one song to do this

My next sketch was when I arrived very early for my hairdressers appointment. I found a place in the sun, leant up against a wall and spent about half an hour on this. I drew in the lines of the buildings, either in the colour they are (such as Burnt Yellow Ochre for the side of the cliff) , or in Paynes Grey . I then took colour off the tip of the pencil with the waterbrush and added it to the page. Then added the final lines of street lights and poles.