Monday, April 29, 2013

Better late than never

Hello everyone,

I've been caught up with other art projects and forgot to upload some outings over the last month.

Gastropark Game of Thrones dinner

Some friends booked a table at Gastropark in Sydney - its a resturant that's won several awards and is know for its gastronomic inventive dishes. The owner and chef is a big fan of this fantasy tv series and celebrated the release of the second series by creating a menu inspired by the show.

So everything had a viking-barbarian-knights of the round table feel to it. As I was sharing the food with others I had to quickly draw everything, so I'm not sure if its all accurate and discernible in my sketches.

Taronga Zoo

I went on my own international sketchcrawl to the zoo. I went in the afternoon with a friend who wanted to spend some time patiently photographing animals, so it was good to go to the zoo with someone who didnt necessarily want to check list all the enclosures, but sit and study a few.

If you would like to see more sketches from both of these outings, please visit my flickr site here.