Monday, September 19, 2011

Encounter Inspiring Book at Sydney Uni Bookfest

Hi, Friends, how are you going?
I enjoyed
"The 2011 Bookfest" at Sydney university = Big Secondhand Book Sale for uni fundraising.Saturday 17 to Wednesday 21 September, in the Great Hall, Camperdown Campus.
  • Saturday to Tuesday 10am to 4pm
  • Wednesday 10am to 2pm
This year, I got the very inspiring book, "No One's Perfect." The upbeat autobiography of Hirotada Ototake. Born without arms and legs, but he is very cheerful and fond of sports. After uni, "Oto" becomes a sports journalist and a primary school teacher. He has got married and now has 2 sons.

Amazing story...and Oto's smile is so nice and fresh. His positive attitude up lifts me so much. Not only Oto, his friends, family, teachers and others wonderful support is very touchy. I know very well that Japanese society is more difficult than Australia, for people with disabilities, to live on what they are. It is a great challenging.

Oto proudly asserts, "(disability) is my feature and strength. My identity." What a matured youngish guy! His sense of humour is brilliant. Often his sentences make me giggle. At the same time, his book makes me think of myself. If I were without arms and legs, could I smile or laugh or live in a positive manner? Truly amazing. Oto's will power has opened doors and believes in hope, but he knows well what he can do and not. Wonderful realistic dreamer.

For me, it takes years to say so like Oto.
When you come across me in person, you find a walking stick, a brace and an orthotics for my left leg. All of a sudden, my whole left leg got paralyzed several years ago. Today, I walk much better. But Oto shows me the wonderful role model. I should say, "Yes, indeed, mine is a mosquito bite!" That's the spirit! Thanks, Oto!!

This annual book fair is very popular, because uni offers interesting academic books at a cheap price. As far as I know, most(all?) books are less than $10. Donated books come from local libraries and individuals. Book conditions are quite good and categorized into varied sections such as...
art, children literature, language, dictionaries, psychology, sociology, feminism, history, religion, occult, erotic, travel, craft, rare books, fictions, gardening etc, etc.

I got at the Hall at 10:30 on Saturday, the first day of a bargain. Already so many people were there. Volunteer workers told me that some people made a queue before 10! Wow, everyone wants to find a lucky treasure.
(*Great Hall is just in there)
Now, treasure hunting, start!
I dashed to the section, "Children Picture Books" and bought favorite illustrators' work such as
"The Midnight Feast" beautifully illustrated by Ann James and others. Nowadays, soon picture books become "out of printing." Besides the short availability, picture books are expensive. This Bookfest is Sadami's life saver!

I observed others and learned, The Tips How to Get Target Books.
1) dash & pick up favorite books "first"

before other people touch it.
2) check each collected book 3) then, buy them!
OK, Friends, sounds nothing different from a bargain of clothes?! Or if you have any suggestion, I'd really appreciate it.
Then, I moved on to a Japanese books section.
I can't believe it! The biiiig and thick Japanese dictionary was at only $5. I bought some Japanese and English teaching materials.
I found, "No One's Perfect" as above. I could get the wonderful books this year.

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Thank you for cheers. Friends, your cheers make me go forward. Let us move on!
Enjoy your week! Happy painting!!